Maintenance of gardens or landscapes is one of many fixed costs for companies. But for asset managers, it can be difficult to estimate whether costs and benefits are in proportion and whether maintenance is being performed as efficiently as possible. Often, the issue is in relatively low costs that fall below the radar but continue to build up over time.

Avantgarden approaches this differently: with an individualised platform that keeps asset managers fully informed and able to make appropriate business decisions about garden and landscape management. The studies include measurement, inventory, benchmarking and/or baselines, an evaluation, improvement trajectory, description of any necessary works and tender documents (tender and Service Level Agreements), and/or an estimation of the work hours involved and a cost price. The study can gauge all aspects or elements of them, depending on the specific needs.

An improvement trajectory is a necessary addition whereby Avantgarden looks for recurring chores and as such, recurring costs, that add no value in the long term.

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