35 years of experience, vision and knowledge

In 1980, after graduating from the Hoger Rijksinstituut in Vilvoorde, Peter Adams and Luk Logist founded a garden landscape and design company: Avantgarden. The company combines studies and design to develop balanced, well-substantiated garden layouts, and to perform restoration and maintenance of existing gardens. More recently, Marc Verhoeven and Bart De Keyzer have joined Avantgarden as partners.

Over the past 40 years, Avantgarden has developed into a varied team of experts, each with different specialisations. Avantgarden combines their expertise and experiences to respond to the requests of architects, project developers, contractors, government services and of course, private citizens.

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Avantgarden Team

Peter Adams

Co-founder and managing director

Luc Logist

Co-founder and managing director

Mark Verhoeven

Chief Operating Officer

Bart De Keyzer

Chief Landscape Design

Geert Nauwelaers

Landscape architect

Elisabeth Laute

Project landscape architect & urban planner

Maarten Eggermont

Project landscape architect

Miek Van Herreweghe

Project landscape architect & spatial planner

Anne Tillemans

Direction assistent

Olivier Foubert

Project landscape architect & urban planner

Damien Dubois

Project landscape architect & urban planner

Hans Erens

Project engineer & soil expert

Tom Van Herreweghe

Project leader

Erin Ogilvie

Project landscape architect

Karen Neven

Project assistant

Maarten Moens

Landscape architect

Design and study, construction and maintenance

Avantgarden thinks of gardens as architecture for outdoor spaces. The appearance and use of an environment is determined by carefully considered landscape development. The needs and demands of its users must always be met. This is why the approach taken by Avantgarden is always based on a thorough study and professional implementation.

Study bureau

Avantgarden has its own study bureau for BREEAM studies, hydrology, tree inventory, improvement projects and C2C trajectories.

Green designs and features in public spaces

Avantgarden develops garden and landscape projects with a functional, creative and innovative approach. Aesthetics, sustainability and usability all play their part in their carefully considered project.

Environmental design and implementation

Every design first goes through sustainability studies and soil examinations. Avantgarden performs these tests themselves, fine-tuning their design to the results. This way, every project meets the most stringent demands for sustainability and implementation.

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